sábado, 31 de outubro de 2009

tragic story with happy ending

Here is Regina Pessoa's amazing "História Trágica Com Final Feliz" (2005). It tells the story of a young girl who doesn't fit in the small town life because she is different from everybody else: She has a tiny heart, which has to beat a lot louder than anyone else's. Unfortunatelly, it beats so loud that it disturbs everyone else.

The short film has won many prizes, notably The Annecy Cristal Award International Animated Film Festival in 2006. I especially like the part at the end, where the credits appear and fragments of the empty life of the townspeople is illustrated. The story is not as powerful without that.

Visit the website of the National Film Board of Canada, where you can also purchase the DVD and find interviews with the artist, wallpapers and other goodies.

3 comentários:

ecila disse...

Beautiful! Makes me proud that Regina Pessoa is portuguese :)

I.D.Pena disse...

Achei lindo e tb fiquei orgulhosa .
Os desenhos são deliciosos quando animados, e reconheci a voz da Manuela Azevedo mal a ouvi, agradeço a partilha :)
Thanks :)

jellyfish disse...

On the short's website you can find more info and an interview with Regina Pessoa. I did not know that it was Manuela Azevedo's voice. It's very pleasant. In fact, there is also an English version of it, but the Portuguese one is far more melodious!