sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2009

taobot the robot

(reposted from NeochaEDGE; picture source & more pictures here)

These wonderful illustration belongs to Beijing-based Little Kong and is based on a story about a robot named "Taobot" (model number: M-TAOBOT-05172007). He is a robot made from a mixture of metal and playdough. Taobot has lived for hundreds of years, and been in hundreds of short stories, but is doomed to play the role of a tragic figure in each. Some of these roles include: a fanatical writer who writes until he becomes rusted with time; a hanger for laboratory cloaks in an experimental lab; a nerdy college student who is not able to feel emotions; a secret admirer of Little Red Riding Hood; a janitor who is a wonderful poet and climbs to the roof to watch the moon; a fireman who makes friends with kittens; a mailman who wholeheartedly delivers letters to the prince of outer space, a forgotten nursemaid who becomes a lumberjack, a heartless murderer, etc.

2 comentários:

ecila disse...

I love the illustrations and the idea too!

jellyfish disse...

i love it when someone manages to create a character and follow that character throughout their work. some artists try too hard and the stories of characters seem artificial. but this one is original ;)