quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2009

toy on wood

London-born and U.K. and U.S.-trained visual artist Robert Bradford makes use of discarded plastic items, (mainly toys but also other colorful plastic bits, such as pegs, combs and buttons) to construct large sculptures. Basically he recycles toys and creates new ones! Pretty original, I would say ;)

3 comentários:

ecila disse...

Very good and colorful creations! Also fond of the idea that it is possible to become an artist beside your normal job :) Maybe we should open a category on cool ideas for recycling materials!

jellyfish disse...

yeah, in the beginning i found it very strange, because it strole me as something completely different, like worlds apart. but on second thought, they are quite close to each other and require a creative spirit.

that' a good idea! i might even have a proposition:

ecila disse...

Great proposition jellyfish, those are great ways to make use of plastic containers, wish I could make one like that!