domingo, 9 de maio de 2010


T(h)ree is a wonderful musical project that brings together, for the very first time, musicians from Portugal, Hong Kong and Macau. The sales of the album will be entirely donated to Unicef Hong Kong. In Macau the sales will be donated to: Anima and Na Terra.

If you want to buy the album, you can contact Bloom Creative Network at

Below you can listen to the show by Hugo Pinto on Próximo Oriente featuring the music made in Portugal, Macau & Hong Kong, as well as an interview (in Portuguese) with the man behind this adventure, David Valentim:

Próximo Oriente - Edição 17.04.2010 by Hugo Pinto on Mixcloud

We have blogged about Hugo's show before, make sure you follow his mixtapes!

4 comentários:

ecila disse...

I'm glad the album has dubstep! Makes me very proud of portuguese new talents :-D

ecila disse...

Jellyfish am also proud of your talent for great discoveries! Thank you!

jellyfish disse...

Yes, track by N1D, a talented Chinese dubstep producer who remixed a song by Portuguese hip-hop group Macacos Do Chines, is one of my favourites. I did not know about that Portuguese group before and this album allows us to discover so much from both Portugal and China. It's a wonderful initiative!

jellyfish disse...

P.S.: thanks so much ;-)