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bendito machines

Bendito Machines are at the moment three short animated movies, directed by Jossie Malis, produced by Zumbakamera and inspired by oriental Shadow Play. Themes of the series are power, greed, control, consumerism, capitalism, religion, superstition etc. Issues and problems of people are mirrored in a sarcastic way to create a final one hour film (a series of 10 episodes) which is supposed to reach people all over the world, who might recognize their society and its problems. It is supposed to make people aware of and question what they usually try to forget or repress, just because it is an unpleasant, dangerous or difficult issue. If you understand Spanish, check out this interview.

Here are the links to Bendito Machine 1 and Bendito Machine 2. Here is a link to an audio discussion of Jossie Malis on the first two episodes (in English).

Here you can watch Bendito Machine 3: "Obey His Commands":

Director: Jossie Malis
Music: Sxip Shirey
Country: Spain
Year: 2008

In my opinion, it is about how new media replaces old media and how people worship everything they don't understand. The radio is replaced by the TV (sending subliminal messages), which is replaced by something resembling a computer. I the end people are actually the slaves of technology. However, the main point is that people don't seem to understand, that they should not worship each and every idol they receive but rather the entity on that mountain, who is providing them with their "toys" and which in the end destroys the city.

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jellyfish disse...

indeed, and the best part is: there is still room for interpretation, concerning the message of the videos. i think every viewer might has his or her own :)