sexta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2008

Taking the Face

Finalmente este documentário vai estrear em Portugal:

Dia 6 de Dezembro às 21h30 no Forum Lisboa (antigo cinema Roma). Tenho pena de nao estar em Lisboa nessa altura... espero que este seja um documentário que venha a estar disponivel na net (sim, isto é um apelo)

A documentary about bullfight in Portugal. Something that I am strongly opposed to, despite opinions in my family... thank God I am from a new generation with a head that can think individually. I do not go for tricky excuses nor for preferring to close my eyes... the reality is: Bullfight is animal torture, a sick psychotic so-called "tradition". You can choose to like it of course (people like all sort of demented shows) but you cannot say torture doesn't happen. Just be honest: you like shows that torture animals, whether because you were born into it and aren't strong enough to get out, or because you do have psychotic tastes. I am honest too: I am for the abolition of all (so-called) "traditions" based on animal torture. All.

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