sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

Directamente da boca do príncipe

"Let me just point out what sustainable farming is not. It is not dependent upon the use of chemical pesticides, fungicides and insectides. Sustainable farming does not rely upon artificial fertilisers and growth promoters, nor the prophilactic use of antibiotics. It does not create vast monocultures and treat animals like machines by using industrial rearing systems. It does not drink the earth dry, deplete the soil or drown streams in oxygen-sucking run-off. "On the contrary, sustainable farming maintains the resilience of the entire ecosystem by encouraging a rich level of biodiversity in the soil, in its water supply and in the wildlife: the birds, insects and bees that maintain the health of the whole system."

O Príncipe Charles no seu melhor para ler no jornal Guardian

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