quarta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2010

some stunning music videos for inspiration

Moderat are an indie electronic band based in Berlin. Below we share a brilliant mesmerizing video by the Pfadfinderei studio for their track "Rusty Nails". The motion, postures and textures are so dreamlike, enjoy:

The next video was recently released for Baths' "Lovely Bloodflow" (directed by Alex Takacs and Joe Nanikn of Young Replicant) and we recommend it for its cinematic beauty. It depicts the last minutes in the life of an injured samurai, whose dying moments are prolonged by two fascinating spirits of the forest (yokai), who take him to meet the main forest spirit. This one will finally put an end to his agony in exchange of his soul.

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ecila disse...

I did not know Moderat, very good :-D Thanks for posting!